3 Mobile App Retention Strategies

Making a mobile app is one thing to carry out your marketing strategy. However, the most crucial part is to maintain the user engagement and cross-selling revenue that you can generate through that app. Companies are continuously investing in increasing their app retention rate by using whatever strategy they can apply. It costs more to acquire new customers and users, which is why people want to give a boost to their business profitability by making users come back to their apps again and again. To know better about the best mobile app retention strategies, let us first discuss in detail about what app retention is all about.

What Is Mobile App Retention?

When you develop a mobile application for your websites promotion or marketing your business, you will want users to return to it again. App retention is when users stick to your app and keep coming back to it. To be more specific, you need your users to come back to the app once in a month or within three months after their first visit to the application. The better your application is to able to maintain the attention of the users, the better your app retention rate will be. Here are some brilliant and proven strategies with which you can see a visible growth in the number of users who will refer your app to others through word of mouth.

Calculating Retention Rate

Keeping a track record of the current and previous retention rate can help you develop ideas about how to increase it further. For example, if you had a sudden drop in user retention, you can check what went wrong and how you can recover the rate. For this, you need an updated calculation of the retention rate. There are three major ways through which you can calculate the app retention rate; classic retention, range retention, and rolling or return retention.

  1. In classic retention, the record is kept with the day by day return of the users. Calculation in this method will base on the everyday record of customers coming back.
  2. In the range retention, the calculation is done with after a certain span of days.
  3. The rolling retention calculates the retention rate that increased after a specific day.

App Marketing

Advertising and marketing for the launch of your mobile app are as vital as the launch of your new product or services. App marketing will help people know that have an easy way to reach out to your services. Make your app easily accessible to users, and keep it open for reviews. Optimize the app for mobile app stores, and make sure to prepare for a press launch.

User Experience and User Engagement

Keep in mind that people have become lazy. They don’t even want to click more than thrice. So, make sure your application gives them the user experience they need. For a better experience and increased engagement, design your app with easy navigation, simple content, and easy to understand features.



Apps today are no longer just for downloading and using. Businesses are relying on their apps to help them earn the profit they need. User retention has become almost as equal to user acquisition to help companies get loyal customers. If you want to get more comprehensive information about the topic, here!

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